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LED Lighting

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Jun 192014

LED lighting is the future of lighting, as it has a very long operating life, as will as very cost effective to run.

We have come a long way since incandescent lighting. Before LED lighting come out, the introduction of compact fluorescent luminaires (CFL) happened. CFL’s are much more efficient than incandescent lighting, but that said, LED lighting is even more efficient then CFL’s. On top of efficiency, LED lighting has a lot longer life then any other type of lighting available. Also LED lighting doesn’t produce the heat issues that incandescent lighting does.

So if you have any inquiries into LED lighting or installation, please call Right Choice Electrical now.

Safety Switches

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Jun 182014

I’ve been carrying out annual testing of safety switches at a resort lately. So I’m sending out a quick reminder of the importance of everyone pressing there test button on your safety switch every 3 months. This is to allow the safety switch to operated under a fault condition and allows the mechanism to operate. If you cannot find a device in your switch board with a test button, you may not have a safety switch. If so, contact Right Choice Electrical immediately for one to be installed.

Melted Light Fitting

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Jun 122014

Just a reminder to install the right sized light bulb in a light fitting. Recently I did a job where the owner installed a too higher wattage light bulb in a plastic light fitting, and this caused the fitting to melt. Most light fittings have a “max wattage” sticker on them, so you know what is right size for that particular fitting.

When in doubt contact a licenced electrician.

Smoke Alarm Maintenance

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May 092014

I have had to replace a few faulty smoke alarms in the past weeks. So just sending out a reminder for everyone to carry out their regular testing of their smoke alarms. This is simple, just press the test button on the smoke alarm and remove any dust or cob webs every 6 months. Also you should replace the battery every 12 months. This is obviously a good practice to get into for the welfare of yourself and your family.