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Smoke Alarms

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May 032015

Now that winter is arriving and we will be getting the heaters out. We must make sure that all the smoke alarms are functioning properly, whether it being a 240 volt alarm or just a battery operated alarm.

For any testing or replacing of smoke alarms, please contact Right Choice Electrical.

Winter Warmers

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Apr 122015

With winter approaching, those electric heaters and blankets will be coming out.  It is now time to make sure they are all in good operating condition too prevent any potential hazards.

If you have any electrical heating devices that you may have concern over, please call Right Choice Electrical on 0402 752 384 now for an inspection.

2015 “Another Year”

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Feb 182015

Welcome to another year. 2015 has started off strong for Right Choice Electrical. We have been busy with renovations and maintenance jobs in the first couple of months and are looking forward to another year of strong growth.

Thanks for your support in 2014 and I am looking forward to future business in 2015.

Faulty Light Switches

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Sep 012014

Recently I have changed quite a few faulty light switches. The most common problem is the switch mechanism falls apart due to age. So if you notice that you have a light switch that is difficult to operate or is looking cracked or damaged in any way, it may be dangerous and need replacing. So call Right Choice Electrical now and we can resolve these problems.

Switch Boards

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Jul 162014

Recently I’ve replaced an old style fuse type switch board with the new modern circuit breaker type. It is recommended to install the new modern circuit breaker type of switch board, as it offers better protection for your cabling. It also stops anyone from putting in the wrong size fuse wire which can potentially cause a house fire. So if you have an older fuse type switch board or just an older version of the circuit breaker type and would like to upgrade to a modern safer switch board, please contact Right Choice Electrical now.

LED Downlights

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Jul 142014

Recently I replaced a customers old halogen down light fittings to new LED down lights fittings.

Not only has the customer got a smarter looking down light fitting, they also have reduced there electricity consumption by over 4 times. LED down lights also offer the benefits of less heat output compared to the halogen type, which have been known to be a fire risk. So LED down lights are more energy efficient and safer to use.

If you have any inquires into LED down lights or would like a quotation for the replacement of your existing halogen down lights, contact Right Choice Electrical now.


Electric Heaters

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Jun 222014

Now that winter has arrived, a lot of heaters are coming out of storage for use. Just remember to be safe with where you place the heater. You don’t want it positioned near any flammable items or where it maybe pushed over by kids. If you have any damaged cords on your heater or any questions, call Right Choice Electrical now.

Safety Switches

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Jun 182014

I’ve been carrying out annual testing of safety switches at a resort lately. So I’m sending out a quick reminder of the importance of everyone pressing there test button on your safety switch every 3 months. This is to allow the safety switch to operated under a fault condition and allows the mechanism to operate. If you cannot find a device in your switch board with a test button, you may not have a safety switch. If so, contact Right Choice Electrical immediately for one to be installed.

Melted Light Fitting

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Jun 122014

Just a reminder to install the right sized light bulb in a light fitting. Recently I did a job where the owner installed a too higher wattage light bulb in a plastic light fitting, and this caused the fitting to melt. Most light fittings have a “max wattage” sticker on them, so you know what is right size for that particular fitting.

When in doubt contact a licenced electrician.