Tag: heaters

  • Winter Is Here

    Now winter is on its way, make sure all of your electric heaters are in a safe working condition. As this time of the year brings electrical fires due to faulty appliances. If you have any concerns about an appliance, then give Right Choice Electrical a call and we can check it over for you.

  • Smoke Alarms

    Now that winter is arriving and we will be getting the heaters out. We must make sure that all the smoke alarms are functioning properly, whether it being a 240 volt alarm or just a battery operated alarm. For any testing or replacing of smoke alarms, please contact Right Choice Electrical.

  • Winter Warmers

    With winter approaching, those electric heaters and blankets will be coming out.  It is now time to make sure they are all in good operating condition too prevent any potential hazards. If you have any electrical heating devices that you may have concern over, please call Right Choice Electrical on 0402 752 384 now for an inspection.

  • Electric Heaters

    Now that winter has arrived, a lot of heaters are coming out of storage for use. Just remember to be safe with where you place the heater. You don’t want it positioned near any flammable items or where it maybe pushed over by kids. If you have any damaged cords on your heater or any…