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Electrician Buderim

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Jan 252018

Today we carried out testing of safety switches in the Buderim area. It is import to have your safety switches tested regularly by a qualified electrician to make sure they are functioning properly.

If you want your safety switches tested, than contact Right Choice Electrical today and we will be happy to take care of you.

Winter Warmers

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Apr 122015

With winter approaching, those electric heaters and blankets will be coming out.  It is now time to make sure they are all in good operating condition too prevent any potential hazards.

If you have any electrical heating devices that you may have concern over, please call Right Choice Electrical on 0402 752 384 now for an inspection.

2015 “Another Year”

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Feb 182015

Welcome to another year. 2015 has started off strong for Right Choice Electrical. We have been busy with renovations and maintenance jobs in the first couple of months and are looking forward to another year of strong growth.

Thanks for your support in 2014 and I am looking forward to future business in 2015.

Safety Switches

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Jun 182014

I’ve been carrying out annual testing of safety switches at a resort lately. So I’m sending out a quick reminder of the importance of everyone pressing there test button on your safety switch every 3 months. This is to allow the safety switch to operated under a fault condition and allows the mechanism to operate. If you cannot find a device in your switch board with a test button, you may not have a safety switch. If so, contact Right Choice Electrical immediately for one to be installed.